Posted by Tina Pavlot on Mar 21, 2020
Here is what you missed at this week's Rotary meeting!
Meeting Recap 03/19/20       
We made Rotary Club of Utica history with our first ever virtual program! While we have decided not to hold physical meetings through April 23rd, we are holding virtual ones through Zoom. Check the weekly email for a link to participate.
Members present: Joe Caruso, Dave Jones, Elizabeth Nassar, Pam Mustee, Bart Gorman, Travis Rabbers, David Bagley, Stephen Turnbull, Jim Turnbull, Deb Burke, Michelle Brandstadt, Dom Passalacqua, Bill Lulely, Joe Caruso, Dan Murphy, JoAnn Longo (and Bob Dellecese), Dana Jerrard.
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President Joe shared his “What has Rotary done to make you proud” segment. Highlights were:
  • Happy 105th birthday to us!
  • Jim Turnbull heard from PP Norm Kolb and the video of our moment of silence for his late wife, Shirley, was greatly appreciated.
  • The Board met Monday via teleconference held by PE Israel Acosta.
  • Urban Concerns met Friday with Phil Bean of the CNY Conversancy to discuss a park project (TR Proctor). The Club will take on cleanup efforts to prepare TR Proctor Park for their 2023 celebration. We hope to include Rotaract, Interact and Youth Exchange as well. Stay tuned for upcoming park cleanup dates!
  • Joe to reach out to Phil regarding providing formal trash bags to be used to.
  • June 19th Gala is going strong. $3,950 in sponsorships to date. Many sponsors are ‘new’ to us. Also 9 baskets so far. Continue to promote.
  • Adopt a highway May 16th, cap at 20 volunteers.
  • Dom stated that during this COVID-19 scare our student intern is still at CABVI.
  • Service fund is up to $8,000. Plan to wrap up by May.
Program: n/a
Next Week’s Program: Keep an eye out for Joe’s weekly email for a link to join via Zoom again next week!