Posted by David Bagley on May 20, 2019
Spring is apparently here -- with a vengeance!  Hope everyone weathered (and is weathering) the storms and allergy stuff.  We'll all feel a bit better if we get together Thursday at the Yahnundasis for lunch, fellowship and a great program.
We have lined up Bob Allers, area scientist, who will be telling us about the peculiar geology of the Mohawk Valley, and how it played a pivotal role in the history of the early United States.
LET JOE KNOW -- This afternoon at 5:00 P-E Joe Caruso is hosting an informal get-together at the Beer Hub (no word on whether he's buying) with this as its theme.  He wants to talk over what you'd like to see happen in the Club next year, and this could be an unusually good and interesting way to pick up and share ideas.  Join us there if you can.
And our regular after-hours get-together this month is Wednesday May 29 at Swifty's.  Be there by 5:30 and share a drink, a bite, and some relaxation with Rotary friends.
Finally, looking ahead a bit, plan to attend the Rotary Changing of the Guard at Traditions, Links at Erie Village, on June 27, where the Rotary Year is brought to a close and I hand over the gavel to Joe.  It's a great occasion for dinner out and Rotary celebration.
See you Thursday.
Yours in Rotary Service, David Bagley, President