Posted on Dec 13, 2022
Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri met with a Utica homeowner who benefitted from the urban tree planting and praised the Utica Rotary project.
by Jerry Kraus
Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri met with a city of Utica homeowner who recently had a free tree planted through the Rotary Club of Utica’s ‘Urban Tree Project’. The Morinitti family in West Utica had a flowering cherry tree planted recently. Twenty-five other Utica homeowners selected from a variety of available trees in this project involving The Rotary Club of Utica, The City of Utica and the Climate Action Team. The funds for this project came from a Rotary Club Golf Outing (Tees for Trees) and a Rotary Community Project Grant.
Mayor Palmieri said: “The City of Utica is blessed by a magnificent treescape that beautifies our city and its neighborhoods. It’s critical that we not only preserve but enhance these gorgeous natural resources. I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Utica and our residents for making sure that our City remains beautiful and unique in addition to environmentally friendly.”

This is the second year of the Rotary Club’s Urban Tree Project in Utica with a total of 42 trees planed so far.
Urban Tree Project
FROM LEFT: Jerry Kraus and Tina Pavlot (Utica Rotary), Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri, David Jones (Utica Rotary project chair), Lynne Morinitti (homeowner) and Barbara Freeman (UU Church of Utica Climate Action Team).