Posted on Nov 06, 2023
Utica Rotary plants 40 trees around the city.
tree planting
Forty trees were planted across the City of Utica as part of the Third Annual Urban Tree Planting Project, a cooperative program of The Rotary Club of Utica, The Unitarian Universalist Church of Utica and the City of Utica Parks Department. 

The goal is for the trees to thrive over many years and serve to enhance the value of these properties, improving the air quality within the community by reducing carbon emissions, provide a canopy of shade to lower the heat index during summer months, and as recent studies have found, trees planted in urban areas have served to reduce the level of crime. 

"Great to have this hands-on project for us to enhance the quality of life of generations to come,” said Utica Rotarian David Jones, project coordinator.

Twenty-four Rotarians and family members broke into four groups, with a total of 40 trees planted, as well as 80 bags of mulch and 10 bags of potting mix spread.