Rotarians help plant trees in urban neighborhoods.
An urban tree planting project in the City of Utica took place on Tuesday, November 16.
Check presentation at urban tree planting project.Planning for this project was done over the past few months, to determine the Utica homeowners and locations for the 15 trees, delivered and planted for free. Funding for this project was made possible through money raised during a Rotary Club of Utica golf outing (Tees for Trees) held in August.
This Urban Tree Planting project is a cooperative program with The Rotary Club of Utica, Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency, The Adirondack Mountain Club, The Unitarian Universalist Church’s ‘Climate Action team’ and the City of Utica Parks Department.
The goal is for the trees to thrive over many years and serve to enhance the value of these properties through pride of ownership, improving the air quality within the community by reducing carbon emissions, provide a canopy of shade to lower the heat index during summer months, and as recent studies have found, trees planted in urban areas have served to reduce the level of crime. 
Rotarians plant trees.Varieties of trees available this year included White Birch, Maple Blaze, Pear varieties, Northern Red Oak, Japanese Lilac, and American Linden.
Rotary volunteers were Dave Jones, Michelle Brandstadt, Jerry Kraus, David Bagley, Greg Benincasa. Barbara Freeman (Adirondack Foothills), Randy Wilson (Sauquoit), Chuck Tomaselli (New Hartford), and Charlie Smith (Marcellus).
PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: Rotary made a check presentation during the tree planting project. L-R: David Jones (Rotary Club of Utica, Urban Tree Project chair), Barbara Freeman (Unitarian Universalist Church), Jerry Kraus (Rotary Club of Utica, Golf chair), Denise Coleman (homeowner) and Darlene Mack-Brown (Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency).
PHOTO BELOW RIGHT: L-R: Chuck Tomaselli, Charlie Smith, Greg Benincasa, Dave Jones, Jerry Kraus.