Posted on Dec 10, 2022
Donation helps keep shelter animals in clean environs.
Washer-Dryer comboThe Rotary Club of Utica recently donated $1,300 to Anita's Stevens-Swan Humane Society towards the purchase of an industrial washer-dryer combo that was greatly needed by the shelter. 
They are not everyday household washer-dryer units (see photo); rather, these recently purchased machines are oversized and built to take the constant usage that is necessary to keep the shelter animals in comfortable, clean conditions on a daily basis, seven days a week. 
Utica Rotary encourages all who are looking to add a four-legged pet to their family, to go see the many cats and dogs up for adoption at the shelter off Rt. 12N in Utica (just past the Riverside Center).
“Please adopt, don't shop.”
Check presentation to humane society
Shelter Director Dianne Broccoli (left) and Utica Rotary President Tina Pavlot.